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About Us

Hi there! My name is Rachel Renee, and I love food. I am so glad that you have found your way here. Our main goal is to answer the questions that you have about food.

When I first started cooking it was tough to find the right answer at the right time. I didn’t grow up in the kitchen, so I have had to learn all about cooking through trial and error and a lot of research. Now, it is my mission to answer all of the questions that you may have. Also, I hope to not waste your time by adding a bunch of info that isn’t relevant. My goal with this blog is to get right to the point as best as I can.

Thankfully, I am not doing this all on my own. I am surrounded by folks who love food and a few who even love a good cocktail.

Andrea, the Italian home cook

Andrea grew up in a BIG Italian family who loves to cook. She loves food and grew up reading family recipes for fun. She is our resident foodie expert and will inherit, at least by my estimate, 10,000 cookbooks (but that may be a very slight exaggeration).

Cilla, the Barista turned Bartender

Cilla is our resident, all things to drink. If you are thirsty, she is your gal. She is creative and has fun, whether it is when she is making us an iced coffee or making us some jello shots.

Tabby, the Test Kitchen Extraordinaire

Tabby is our food stylist and photographer, but she is even more than that. She is the one who tests our recipes and tweaks them until they are just right. She is lucky because this means that she gets to taste test everything too. But she doesn’t just test out our recipes. She also put our steps and our theories to the test as well.