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Best Bacon For A BLT (Tips To Decide)

I have strong feelings about bacon. I think that bacon is the most important part of a BLT, so it is important to pick out the best bacon for a BLT that you can. 

Not all bacon is created equal, and not all bacon is good. We bought bacon recently that was so bad that we returned it to the store. There are many different types of bacon, and picking out bacon can be a bit confusing these days.

Don’t worry, though, because we got you. We are BLT professionals in this house, and we are gonna help you pick out the best bacon for your BLT.

Just today, we wanted a BLT for lunch and went to the store for all the ingredients. Well, we did have mayonnaise on hand, but we needed all of the other ingredients. 

This is a closeup of a BLT sandwich.

What Makes A Great BLT

A great BLT is a symphony of flavors that create a classic yet fantastic sandwich. A well-made BLT is a sandwich worth traveling for. There are many variations of this classic sandwich, but I love the original version in its most simple form.

Just imagine fresh, juicy ripe tomatoes, crunchy bacon, toasted bread, and mayonnaise. But let’s be clear, what makes a GREAT BLT is quality fresh ingredients. 

Every ingredient of a BLT plays an important role, but bacon holds a special place in my heart. Some may argue that the tomato used in a BLT is the most important ingredient, but for me, it is all about the bacon.

Pro Tip: While you see a lot of BLTs with strips of bacon, we have found that breaking cooked crispy bacon into pieces and adding it to the mayo layer keeps the sandwich neater, and there’s less of a chance that one bite will pull out the entire long strip of bacon.

This is bacon on a BLT sandwich.

Best Types Of Bacon For A BLT

Before we go any further, let’s clear up an important question. The best bacon for a BLT is Hickory-smoked bacon. The second best bacon for a BLT is Applewood smoked bacon. Finally, my third favorite is thick-cut bacon.

That said, in truth, the best bacon for a BLT is the bacon you have in the refrigerator. The odds are that just about any bacon will be delicious in your sandwich, but some kinds of bacon complement the other ingredients better than others.

About the Cut of the Bacon

Streaky bacon is the best kind in BLTs because it has a rich flavor, and you can cook it to be extra crispy. Streaky bacon just means bacon that has that familiar long strip of fat running down the middle of it. 

About the Thickness

Everything comes down to personal preferences, but you will want to decide if you want meaty bacon that is thicker or if you want thinner bacon that is crispy. Thicker bacon will have a chewy texture to it. 

About Smokiness and Sweetness

Smoked bacon can add depth to the flavor of your BLT. Not everyone loves that smoky flavor, so it is worth considering when choosing your bacon. 

Some kinds of bacon are sweeter than others. For example, Maple bacon has a sweet and salty taste to it. That sweet and salty flavor can really make for a unique BLT. 

This is a closeup of bacon on a BLT sandwich.

Tips For Picking Out The Bacon For A BLT

  • Type of Bacon: Streaky bacon is often preferred for its balance of fat and meat, which crisps up nicely.
  • Thickness: Thin slices provide a nice crunch, while thicker slices give a meatier bite.
  • Smokiness: Depending on your preference, smoked bacon can add an extra layer of flavor.
  • Cooking Method: Consider how you plan to cook the bacon. Some types do better in the oven, others on the stovetop.

The bottom line

When it comes to picking out bacon for a BLT, there are a few important things to consider. The most important is whether you want crispy bacon or meaty bacon. After that, I would consider whether you prefer sweet bacon or smoky bacon.

This is a closeup of a BLT sandwich.