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Can You Put Heavy Cream In Coffee?

In our house, we take coffee very seriously. We each have strong feelings about what goes in our coffee. Can you put heavy cream in coffee? 

If you ask anyone how they take their coffee, the answers to this question will vary wildly.

Even though everyone has opinions and favorite ways to drink coffee, there is also sometimes confusion about what is and is not ok.

So let’s discuss having heavy cream in coffee. Before we even get into that, though, let’s clear up something that confused me for a long time. 

This is heavy cream being poured on top of iced coffee.

Is Heavy Cream The Same As Whipping Cream?

The answer is: almost. Heavy cream has a higher fat content than whipping cream but only by about 6%. For the purpose of coffee, the answer really doesn’t matter all that much.

Both are dairy products with a high-fat content, which allows them to be whipped into a fluffy consistency. This means heavy cream can hold its shape longer when whipped, but for our purposes of adding to coffee, either will do the trick.

There won’t be any difference between the two in your coffee. Now, if you wanted to whip the cream and put dollops on top, you may want to choose whipping cream. But know that even in that case, either one will work.

While cream, also called heavy whipping cream, whipping cream, or table cream, is not particularly budget-friendly these days, it may be worth the occasional indulgence.

Can You Use Heavy Cream Instead of Milk in Coffee?

Yes! In fact, using heavy cream instead of milk in your coffee can give it a rich, creamy texture that’s hard to achieve with milk. Heavy cream will lighten and enrich your coffee far better than milk.

It will take quite a bit less heavy cream to make your coffee seem creamy vs if you tried to get the same effect with milk. Milk is my last resort when it comes to coffee; I like light coffee, and it will end up not only diluting it too much but making it lukewarm, also. You can use less cream to do the job of a lot more 2% milk.

How Does Coffee Taste with Heavy Cream?

Adding heavy cream to your coffee can significantly enhance its flavor. The dense, rich heavy cream can help to soften the bitter notes of the coffee, resulting in a smoother, milder taste.

It is important to note that adding heavy cream to your coffee won’t make the coffee taste sweeter. Heavy cream doesn’t have added sugar. It may add a hint of sweetness because it balances out the acidic taste of coffee. In a way, it tricks your senses into thinking that the coffee is sweetened. I personally still need to add sugar to my coffee along with the heavy cream. 

This is iced coffee with heavy cream and coffee beans in the background.

How Much Heavy Cream in Coffee

Try adding 2 tablespoons of heavy cream per large mug of coffee. Sometimes in my first cup, I may even add 3 tablespoons. I really like my coffee to be extra light in color and very creamy. 

The amount of heavy cream you add to your coffee is really up to personal preference. A good place to start is by replacing the amount of milk or creamer you’d typically use with heavy cream. From there, you can adjust to taste. Every good day starts out with your first sip of coffee. (Right?)

Remember, heavy cream is richer than milk, so you might find you need less than you think. 

Experiment by adding 1 tablespoon at a time to your cup of coffee, then stirring and tasting. It is far easier to add more heavy cream to your cup of coffee than it is to overdo it and have to start over with a fresh cup.

Is Heavy Cream Sweetened?

Heavy cream is not typically sweetened, although it does have a natural sweetness due to its high-fat content. If you prefer your coffee sweet, you might want to add a touch of your favorite sweetener.

But I’d recommend trying it without first; you might find the rich, creamy flavor is all the sweetness you need. It really does come down to personal preferences.

The bottom line

So, can you put heavy cream in coffee? Absolutely!

Not only does it add a rich, creamy texture and flavor to your coffee, but it can also be a great option instead of milk in coffee.

And just because “cream cheese” and “sour cream” have “cream” in their names, they are not the right kind of cream that goes good in coffee.

I encourage you to give it a try – you might just find it’s your new favorite way to enjoy coffee. And when you do, be sure to share your experiences. I’d love to hear how it works for you!

This is heavy cream being poured on top of iced coffee.