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How Big Is A Stick Of Butter?

We keep our butter out on the counter in our glass butter keeper. I love to do this because then the butter is ready to spread on toast

But because we do a lot of cooking here at the house and a decent amount of baking, we keep butter in the freezer and in the fridge.

Sometimes, we even keep some European butter in the house, especially during the holidays. 

Because I didn’t grow up around baking and in the kitchen, I sometimes get confused about butter measurements.

So, if you are like me and forget how big a stick of butter is, don’t worry, I got you. Here is everything that you need to know for your next cooking adventure. 

This is a stack of stick butter.

Understanding Butter Measurements

Here in the U.S., a stick of butter weighs 4 ounces. This is equivalent to 8 tablespoons or half a cup. 

Just for the sake of clarity, because I needed to know, 8 tablespoons equals half a cup.

So, when a recipe calls for a stick of butter, you now know exactly what it means!

Butter Packaging

Most of the time, sticks of butter come in packages of four. Four sticks of butter equal one pound of butter. 

This division isn’t just for show – it’s a practical way to help you measure out the right amount of butter for your recipes. Each stick is also wrapped in paper that often has markings indicating tablespoon measurements, making it even easier to slice off just the right amount.

It is becoming more common, though, to see packages of butter that have 8 sticks in them. These types of packages have what are considered as half sticks of butter. In these instances, it is still one pound of butter but just divided into eight equal-sized sticks.

Butter Around The World

It’s worth noting that butter is packaged and measured differently in other countries. For example, in Europe, butter is often sold in 250-gram blocks, which is slightly more than two U.S. sticks. 

If you convert 250 grams to ounces, it is 8.19 ounces, which is just over a cup of butter. So, it is a bit confusing if you are trying to translate butter from a European country to a U.S.-based cookbook.

So, if you’re using a recipe from another country, be sure to adjust the butter measurements accordingly.

This is a stick of butter.

Tips For Measuring Butter

For the most accurate measurements, consider using a kitchen scale. If you don’t have one, the markings on the butter wrapper can be a handy guide. And if a recipe calls for butter in tablespoons, remember that one stick equals eight tablespoons.

How Many Cups Are There In A Stick Of Butter?

A stick of butter equals half a cup or 8 tablespoons. This means that if a recipe calls for a stick of butter, you can use half a cup or 8 tablespoons as a substitute.

How Big Is A Stick Of Butter In Inches?

A stick of butter is typically 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide. This standard size allows for easy measurement and ensures consistent results in your recipes. 

So I went downstairs, pulled out the tape measure, and measured various sticks of butter to get these dimensions. It is possible that different brands vary in size slightly. 

Does 1 Stick Of Butter Equal 1 Cup?

No, 1 stick of butter isn’t equal to 1 cup. It actually takes 2 sticks of butter to equal 1 cup. A single stick of butter is equal to 1/2 cup. 

The bottom line

Understanding butter measurements is crucial for successful cooking and baking. Whether you’re whipping up a batch of cookies or sautéing vegetables for dinner, knowing how big a stick of butter is can help ensure your dishes turn out just right. 

And remember, always check your recipe and measure accurately for the best results. Happy cooking!

This is a stack of sticks of butter.